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Best Destinations for Those Who Dream to See the UFO

by admin | Filed under Blog.

Flights in space are becoming increasingly popular, and perhaps in the nearest future we will go in search of fellow human beings. However, you can try to meet the aliens nowadays. In some regions of the world there appear very often some strange, maybe their own aircrafts. So, here is the list of the best destinations for meetings with UFOs.


Puerto Rico

It is one of the top best destinations. If the majority of the Caribbean islands are known only for its beaches, then Puerto Rico is to go for the sake of meeting with aliens. Unidentified aircraft darting wildly across the sky and shooting into the air with colored lights usually appear in El Yunque . Therefore rainforests in the north- east coast became a mecca for UFO researchers from around the world. Last UFO appearance: January 23, 2010 a couple of local residents – a girl and her aunt – saw flying and shooting “plates”.

Sochi, Russia

The Winter Olympic Games have finished and a new kind of sport may be started in this best destination of aliens’ fans.  Hundreds of cases of encounters with strange phenomenon are already documented, and one of them even was shot on a video camera: something flies over the city at high speed and disappears under water. According to the observations of researchers, Bytha mountain has a special energy. According to them, that is where the alien base acts as a gateway between worlds. Last appearance of UFOs in the region known to many meetings with objects that have occurred in previous years, however, attention should be paid and to other areas of Russia. In December 2009, witnesses saw and filmed a UFO pyramid shape over the Kremlin in Moscow.

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Wiltshire, United Kingdom
As for England, we can`t keep silence about its best destination for UFO lovers. It`s hard to say what attracts most all the tourists and surprises the locals in this quiet rural corner of England: Stonehenge or pulsating celestial lights and mysterious sounds wafting from the sky. Especially often UFO hunters come to the observatory-settlement “Iron Age” in the Clay Hill and Cradle Hill. Last UFO activity: February 20, 2010 in Hilpertone, a woman watched a large silent low-flying UFO with two white lights.

Mexico City, Mexico

And the last in this top 4 of the best destinations for the UFO lovers – Mexico. A squadron of strange objects was seen by those who were in the Mexican capital April 11, 2005. In the afternoon, thousands of people became witnesses of a strange phenomenon: first, seven, and then a couple of hundred luminous spheres filled the sky and began to do strange maneuvers. Mysterious devices started to appear over Mexico long ago, but not in such numbers. Locals called this UFO parade a “peaceful invasion”. Last UFO activity: December 13, 2009 a “sky worm” was seen over the city.

Here are the best destinations for you if you are a fan of aliens. Grab your staff and start wondering across the most mysterious and interesting places on Earth!


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