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Summer. Sun. Beach. Football. Top attractions in Brazil!

by admin | Filed under Blog.

Have you ever been to Brazil and have seen its top attractions? None can say that he travelled a lot if he hadn`t visited yet this amazing country! If you love sun, ocean, music, dance, feeling happy and careless, and if you or your boyfriend loves football, then this word should have come to your mind one of the first when thinking of the place to go this year – Brazil!
So, actually, what do we know about the top attractions of this country except that it is a very exotic one, with amazing climate, various cultures and people mixed together into one whole carnival? If to think about the sights, one surely will say the statue of Jesus Christ on the top of the hill. And that is right. None can come to Brazil and miss this symbol of the country, the proof of the people`s might, love, belief and talent! It is an incredible masterpiece and there are lots of people all over the world dreaming of seeing it in real life, not their dreams only.
Have you heard a very popular song – A girl from Ipanema? Hardly a singer missed this song to make a cover version! Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, and dozens of others sang about the girl from an amazingly beautiful beach in Brazil! That is one more of the top attractions as well! The ones who prefer lying on the sand, under sunshine will definitely be happy there! Everything you want in one place! People really get happy there, why won`t you?!
Brazil has something to offer not only to sun-bathing persons! If you like a more active way of spending your holidays, you can find millions of places to go! One of the main top attractions for such active persons will be the waterfalls Iguacy or Tijouka, or you can fly in the sky, dive in the ocean, or wonder in the jungles of Amazon jungles! This country of fantastic people will offer you tops of its mountains and depths of its waters, all the beauty of nature and various birds and animals.
And it is impossible not to tell about the top attractions of Brazil of this year – the Football cup 2014. Though, in case you miss the Football cup, buy tickets for the 2016 – as you can become a witness of Summer Olympic Games 2016. This would be a fantastic thing, and only you will be able to answer the question if the opening of Olympics was better that a carnival. Though to have an answer, you should visit a carnival first!

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