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Top 10 Things You Must Do in New York!

by admin | Filed under Blog.

New York is a city of dreams; so many songs were sung about this place, as it attracts those, who dare to dream! If not to think about this amazing part, we should mind something more ordinary, though there will always be people who will say that there is nothing ordinary in New York. We can agree here partially, as everything depends upon the attitude, and the tiniest things can be bigger for you. Well, here are the top things you must do and visit in New York!


      1. Eat in Deli Catz on the corner of Ladlow Street and Houston Street. In this café the interior wasn`t changed for decades: the tables remember Kennedy, and menu remembers Regan. Sometimes you can think that the visitors are even much older than that.
      2. Have a look at New York from a boat in New Jersey. The boat goes off each 10-20 minutes from the Battery Park. The view you will see is the very one, which is on all the postcards, with the broken line of sky-scratchers (the one from the “Sex and the City” movie).
      3. Have a drive in a cab. You`d better do it on Saturday or Sunday, at 5 a.m. First, taxi drivers in New York are very interesting. Second, you`ll never see the city so relaxed and absolutely empty. It is an absolutely another city.
      4. Buy a pursue in Prada boutique on Broadway. The project of the boutique was created by Rem Collahas – one of the main living architectures and a fan of New York.
      5. Have a bear in the Low East Side, between Houston Street and Grand State Street. In the beginning of the 20th century on these streets, where Italian old men in slippers chat with old ladies in dressing gowns, there appeared a whole lot of fashionable bars and restaurants!
      6. Listen to the music in the yard of the PS1 gallery in Queens: this collection of modern arts is placed in the building of an ex-school. And from June to August, on Saturdays, there is a DJ playing in the ex-schools yard.
      7. Have a dinner on the last floor of the Mariott Marquis hotel on Times Square. It turns around its axis and after getting in there via glass elevators, you can read on the napkins what sky scrapers you see.
      8. Have a look at the Central park from the roof of Metropolitan Museum. There you can see not only an astonishing view, but also a department of modern sculpture, and on your way back, you should visit the halls of Dutch art of XVIIth century, the time of Rembrandt.
      9. Visit Empire State Building – though not the highest but still the most important sky scrapper in the world.
      10. Downtown. When you’re alone and life is making you lonely, you can always go downtown.

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